NEW LiDar Capable Drone from Carlson Software!

The new American Made Hawkeye UAV is ideally suited for Land Surveying, Construction, Engineering, Mining, Quarry and Mapping applications. With a payload capacity of up to 6lbs it offers multiple payload options for Photogrammetry, LiDAR, and Bathymetry.

The quadcopter features a Carbon Fiber frame and has 465KV motors rotating 18.5” carbon fiber propellers powered by a rechargeable 22.8V battery. Onboard is a RTK GNSS that utilizes a LiDAR range finder for altitude accuracy and vertical stability. The CAP50 can be programmed and controlled via an included flight controller with a touch screen.

Carlson software packages and bundles are available to suit the workflow, application, and the capture method of all Hawkeye payload options. This includes:

Carlson Photo Capture for photogrammetry
Carlson Point Cloud Basic and Advanced for LiDAR and Bathymetric data.

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• Payload capacity up to 6lbs
• PPK & RTK for accuracy
• Tested in 50mph winds with max payload
• Omnidirectional collision avoidance
• Terrain Follow
mission capability
• 22-minute flight time with 5lbs payload
• Compactible design for easy transport
• Full telemetry flightlog 

465KV motors combined with 18.5” carbon fiber propellers and the 22.8V 6S 25,000mAh battery for superior aerial performance. 

Position Stability and Accuracy
(GNSS) receiver compatible with Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) for best accuracy and Real Time Kinetics (RTK) GNSS systems. The Hawkeye utilizes a LiDAR range finder for altitude accuracy and vertical stability while flying. To ensure the drone has redundancy in the critical sensors needed for flight, Hawkeye integrates 2 magnetometers, 2 accelerometers, 2 gyro, and 2 barometers. A battery current and voltage sensor is used to track battery level. 

Object Avoidance
The Hawkeye has 360 degree collision avoidance. The collision avoidance system is LiDAR range finder based, and will work in day or night time conditions. 

 Payload Configuration Options:

  • LiDAR (with or without imaging)
  • Photographic (42MP / 61MP) 35mm lens and gimbal
  • EchoLogger depth sounder 

The Hawkeye includes the following ports for communication and control of payloads: 2xHDMI, 24V power, SBUS, Serial, PWM.

Learn about Part 107 Certification here.

Click here to download the FAA Remote Pilot Study Guide

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