To: All GPS Network users:

Due to the increase in internet traffic during the covid-19 mitigation users are experiencing difficulty accessing and using GPS Networks.

Internet and Cellular providers are prioritizing traffic to maximize bandwidth and some are struggling to meet demand. Bandwidth management methods may include:

reducing speed which is not likely to effect rovers
disconnecting continuous streaming which makes matching EPOCHS difficult
Packet Buffering which delays base data and directly effects Latency.

As a result many users are experiencing difficulty logging in and Fixing a position due to the inconsistent and high latency.

Keep in mind that all of the data from each Base Station is also streamed through the internet to the Network server.

Latency is a measure of the time it takes to get correction data from the Reference Station to the Rover and is usually reported in “seconds” of time. Ideally latency should be ZERO but that is not possible in the real world.
In our experience most brands of receivers can work with latency as high as 3 seconds as long as it is consistent and not interrupted. Very few can handle latency over that value and none will perform as expected with high values.

If you are experiencing difficulty using your GPS due to Latency issues we strong recommend following proper procedures including Multiple Occupations and longer occupation times.

For those using Carlson SurveCE/PC we recommend that you pay particular attention to the “Average” function and Report capability.
The report will provide information that you can use to qualify the data before accepting it.
Pay attention to the Max/Min values and Deviations shown as they can alert you to potential problems with the results.

When in doubt, throw it out!
Re-occupy and verify before accepting results in difficult environments.

Welcome to Carlson Survey!

After more than 30 years building a Survey Equipment and Supply brick and mortar store we decided to bring our experience to the web: Introducing Carlson Survey

The Survey equipment industry is changing. Manufacturers are changing business models almost as often as they change instrument models. Technology is a catalyst for some of the change with the proliferation of Machine automation, Scanners and Drones. Manufacturers are scrambling to dominate each market segment with their solution.

Traditional land surveying seems to be taking a back seat in the wake of these changes as equipment dealers are forced to chase new technologies.

We believe that providing quality products that meet YOUR needs, and good old – fashioned customer service, is our responsibility.

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Our web site is focused on the equipment and supplies that we offer. No advertising distracting you from finding what you need and no silly pop ups getting in your way!
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Accessories do matter… so we make sure that you can find the accessories items like batteries and screen protectors that you need when you need them. Shopping for an instrument? See the common accessories at the bottom of the page.

Though we are not related to Carlson Software, we are a Carlson Centric Dealer dedicated to the sale and support of Carlson Software and Hardware products. We cover the Mid-Atlantic region. Carlson Software offers a wide variety of Software and Hardware solutions for Surveyors, Engineers, Contractors, Municipalities and the like. In our long history we have sold Instruments and Software to Police Departments, Private Investigators, Archaeologists, Sports Broadcasting Companies, Universities and Aerospace Manufactures. We are working to provide a one-stop shop for all of your measuring, designing and building needs.