Replacement Parts for the SECO and Carlson Aluminum BiPod and Tripod.

Before replacing parts we recommend that you inspect for unusual wear and corrosion.

When replacing Points and or washers we recommend wrapping the threads with Teflon tape to resist corrosion and to help keep the points from falling off. Wrap enough so the point resists installation.

Don’t forget routine maintenance!

Keep the leg pivots tight

Oil the thread on the Locking Knob. Wipe it clean first to remove abrasive debris.

Unscrew the leg caps, remove the locking mechanism from the leg tube and clean the  inside of the tube and the locking mechanism. DO NOT APPLY LUBRICANT TO THE LEG LOCKING MECHANISM OR IN THE TUBE!

Parts also fit the Seco 5217 & 5218 series leg assemblies.


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Point (item #2), Washer (item #3), Teflon Tape, Latch Rod (not shown), Plastic Friction screw (item#9)


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