Pole Mount accessories

Accessories to mount your data collector, or other items, to a GPS pole or Prism pole.

OK! we have heard you! You are tired of your Tablet pole bracket drooping.

If your Tablet pole mount is drooping you now have 3 options to fix it:

  1. stay out of the heat as the heat is softening the material on the ball causing slip
  2. stop dropping your rover pole so hard causing excessive force on the ball joint coupler
  3. purchase our NEW Heavy Duty components (and stop dropping your rover so hard!)

Our NEW Heavy Duty components REPLACE your OEM components and have twice the load capacity. Of course that means they are larger and heavier.

Items are sold individually. Pay attention to the description to make sure you order the correct item(s).

Click here for a COMPLETE assembly


SECO-Cradle-friction pads

Click here for replacement Rubber Friction Pads

Click here for Tripod Hook

Carlson RT4 RT5 Tripod Hook



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RAM Coupler with Ball & Plate, RAM Pole Clamp with Ball, SECO Pole Claw w/Ball, Cam Lock Pole mount, HD Coupler with Ball & Plate and Pole Clamp, HD Coupler with Ball & Plate and Ball