CRT450 8 Inch Tablet Data Collector


Our new Tablet offers a High Performance lower cost option for your data collection needs.

Lower cost does not mean lower performance! Our tablet offers an Intel 1.44GHz processor, Windows 10 Home edition, 64G EMMC & 4G DDR memory.

We have tested this tablet with the new BRx7 and CR+ Robots. Long range BlueTooth communication to the CR+ Robot is 800’+.

Compatible with any Make/Model that Carlson SurvPC works with via BlueTooth.

Connect to old Total Stations (cable only connection) with our Exclusive Bluetooth Adapter.

Pricing starts @ $2795.00 W/SurvPC for Mechanical Total Stations

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Intel 1.44 GHz processor 32Bit

Windows 10 Home

4G Ram & 64G EMMC memory

2.0M front camera & 5.0M Rear camera

Long Range BlueTooth V4.0

802.11 b/g/n/ac Dual band WiFi (2.4G / 5.8G)

U-Blox GPS engine

1 USB2.0 port

1 Micro USB port

1 SIM card slot

 NO SERIAL PORT!** (see our exclusive BlueTooth adapter below)

Built-in LiOn battery  (Estimated run time with BRx7 Rover up to 8hrs depending upon settings)

How does it compare:

The nearly $1200.00 lower cost ($1600.00 if you consider the built-in U-Blox GPS engine) is possible with the following differences in specifications.

Not as Bright or Rugged as the RT4 Tablet but just as capable when bundled with Carlson SurvPC.

Drop ANY Tablet screen down on a rock and the screen will break. These tablets come from China and are NOT considered serviceable. CSS offers a low cost replacement option for damaged units. Ask for details.

Lighter weight and a larger screen make it easy to handle and use. We find the touch screen easier to use than most W10 tablets.

Weather resistant with the port covers properly closed.

Built-in battery is not field replaceable like the RT4. We will stock replacement Batteries and chargers. Our service department will handle Battery replacement.

**Connect to old Topcon Total Stations that require a cable with our Exclusive Bluetooth Adapter.

Topcon total station bluetooth adapter

Pole mount options, click here.

Pole Mount Accessories

Tripod mount adapter:

Data Collector Accessories

Click here for Data Collector Accessories

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Build your Data Collector

CRT450 Tablet w/ SurvPC for TS, SurvPC ROB Module, SurvPC GPS Module, SurvPC HyBrid Module, Pole Bracket, Office Dock, A/R Film



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