Radio Frequency scanner

This scanner allows you to easily scan a Frequency range to find a clear frequency and avoid local interference.

The UHF and 900MHz radio bands are getting more congested every year and finding a clear frequency to operate on can be challenging and time consuming.

Local interference by in band and off band sources can cause your GPS Base Rover to loose radio range. GPS UHF radios transmitting data are NOT considered a priority in the commercial band and must “give way” to other (assumed voice) broadcasts. Local broadcasts create noise that makes it difficult for the Rover to hear the base and can render your system useless.

Stop randomly changing frequencies (channels) and wasting time running out to test your rover range. We pre- program these units to scan the UHF band (U.S. only) so you can quickly see which frequencies are busy and which are not as seen here:

Scanner display

Easily scroll up and down the band to find a frequency with the least amount of noise.

Our scanner can save your crews a lot of time particularly in commercial areas where more transmitters are broadcasting.

Also helpful for Robotic total stations using UHF radios.

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Weight 3 lbs