Carlson BRx5 BRx6 BRx7 UHF Antenna

Original equipment UHF radio antenna will work on most brands of GPS with UHF radios.

Screws directly on the Carlson BRx5 and the new BRx7.

*This does NOT screw onto the bottom of the BRx6(+). It will screw onto the aluminum bracket that is included with the BRx6(+).

Will work on most brands in same frequency range with same connector.

Antenna is labeled for 440-470MHz but is tuned for a center frequency of 438MHz. (see below for more info)

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  • Labeled for 440-470MHz (high UHF band)
  • Tuned for center frequency of 438.00MHz
  • 12″ overall length
  • Thread on connector (RFT male)
  • Flexible whip

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Our test of the OEM UHF Antenna (QT400-T provided with the BRx6 and BRx7) shows a center frequency of 438.00MHz with losses rising rapidly with higher frequency. see graph below.

Peak efficiency is the bottom of the Curve of the Yellow line.

At 438MHz loss is measured @ 1.36 SWR
At 450MHz loss is measured @ 2.27 SWR
At 470MHz loss is measured @ 5.36 SWR

Carlson OEM antenna frequency curve

The effects of this are two fold:

  • Loss of transmitter power when using a frequency off of center.
  • Loss of signal strength when trying to receive a frequency off center

You will experience this as less than ideal range between Base and Rover, and find
that you encounter MORE interference from nearby sources.

By comparison our Exclusive Aftermarket UHF antennas are tuned for a center frequency of 462MHz.

At 462MHz loss is measured @ 1.41 SWR
At 450MHz loss is measured @ 1.74 SWR
At 470MHz loss is measured @ 1.80 SWR

This puts the “sweet spot” of efficiency of our Aftermarket Antenna right in the middle of the U.S. Commercial UHF band (450-470MHz).

CSS after market Antenna SWR

Why is this important?

EFFICIENCY of radio transmision and Reception which equates to RTK Range and performance.

Why are the receivers shipped with antennas tuned for 438MHz?

  • Only the U.S. market operates in the high UHF band (450-470MHz). Most other countries use the lower UHF band (400-440MHz). Since the rest of the world is a larger market we suspect they ship antennas that meet the needs of their largest user base.

ONLY Carlson Survey Supply knows about this and is supplying our Aftermarket antennas with our BRx7 Base-Rover Packages!

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