12V External Battery Kit

Perfect for GPS Base Station extended operation.

We configured this Battery Kit to work directly with the power cables provided with the Carlson BRx6 & BRx7 GNSS receivers.



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GPS Base Station External Battery

Tested on the BRx7 running as an RTK Base Station broadcasting 1Watt UHF and recording RAW data:

Run time*: 12+ Hours @ 70°F as sole power source.

Includes interconnect cable that connects to the Power/Data cable that is included with your Carlson GNSS receiver.

Includes 120VAC charger.

Charge time is 6 hours.

*Run time will vary with Receiver Model, settings and temperature.

Battery kit is NOT waterproof. We recommend placing it inside the instrument carry case with the cover closed to protect it from rain. Use care to not crush the cable.

Includes Charger, interconnect cable and instructions.

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Weight 4 lbs