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Aerial surveying and drone photogrammetry is rapidly becoming a vital part of any surveyor’s toolkit. Thousands of people use drone site flyovers every day to help boost efficiency and lower costs.

With Carlson Photo Capture drone photo processing software, you can use flyover data to:
• Quickly generate interactive 3D maps of sites
• Capture highly accurate 3D site data from any camera
• Share site maps with customers – anywhere, anytime!
• Save man-hours in the field

Professional Drone operators can now choose to use the power of Carlsons on-line servers or Purchase a Perpetual License of PhotoCapture and process on their own P.C.

  • Purchase the Annual Membership AND one of the Data Plans based on you anticipated needs. If you use up your data within the year and need more simply purchase another data plan.
  • Purchase the Stand Alone Perpetual License to run on your “amped up” P.C.

The standalone installation (Perpetual License) requires powerful up-to-date hardware to provide sufficient processing power, including an SSD hard drive and at least 16gb of RAM. Keep your standalone Photo Capture software up to date with the optional 1-Year Maintenance plan.

Learn more about Maintenance, Support and Network License here.

Click one of the links below to see how Carlson Software helps make Drones work for Surveyors!

Short Photo Capture introductory video

Full length video showing Photo Capture to Point Cloud to Survey

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  • Polygon Selection/Removal of unwanted images with a click of a button
  • Project Splitting with Polygon Selection Tool (Large project into small projects)
  • Visualize project area before processing
  • Ground Control Point (GCP) import (landxml,.csv, .txt)
  • Manual Ground Control Point input
  • Ground Control Point Validation
  • Metric, Feet, and US Survey Feet support
  • Global/Local Coordinate System Support (1000’s of supported projections)


  • Nadir/Oblique Support
  • Self-Calibration – Automatic Determination of Camera IOP and EOP
  • Fixed-Calibration – Use your own calibration parameters for processing
  • Automated Bundle Adjustment
  • Automated Point Cloud Densification
  • Automated DEM Generation
  • Automatic Contour Generation
  • Automatic Mesh Generation
  • Automaic Orthomosaic Generation
  • Accuracy Report


  • Orthomosaics in GeoTIFF, jpg, png output format
  • DEM in Geotiff, jpg, png output formats
  • 3D point cloud in .las, .xyz, and .ply
    3D mesh in .ply, .obj, and .glb formats
  • Contours in .dxf, GeoTIFF formats
  • Accuracy Report in PDF format
  • In-Browser Volume Calculations


PC Requirements for Photo Capture Stand Alone Perpetual License

Hardware Minimum Requirements Recommended Most Powerful
CPU G4560 I7 I9
RAM 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB or more
SSD MVMe 250 GB free 1 TB  free 2 TB or more

Graphics card not as important for Photo Capture but is for other Carlson Office Software:

Preferred compatible with OpenGL Version 1.4 or higher:

  • Recommended are desktop graphics level discrete (not integrated cards like Intel HD) graphics cards.
  • Preferably Nvidia Geforce due to their more consistent driver support.
  • Discrete ATI/AMD cards will be adequate, but ATI’s driver support has been spotty and user is frequently deferred to the computer manufacturer for support.
  • Professional Nvidia Quadro cards are not currently recommended due to driver issues.
  • Powerful gaming cards are not required and probably would not provide as much benefit as investment in more memory or better CPU

Photo processing requires 3 things: Processing Power, Memory and Time.

The more Processing Power and Memory the less time it will take.

You may want to consider a dedicated P.C. for this operation as processing time is long.

Additional information

Carlson Photo Capture

Annual Membership, Tier 1 (5GB), Tier 2 (50GB), Tier 3 (150GB), Photo Capture Plus, Perpetual License, 1-Year Maintenance


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