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Traditional UHF radios in most parts of the world are limited to half-watt or one-watt power output, which gives a 1 km (0.62 mile)  to 2 km (1.24 mile) range at best. In many regions Licenses may be required to operate UHF radios. With no licensing and no restriction on data format or communication range, Carlson Listen-Listen will work at base line lengths up to  30 km (18.6 miles) depending on conditions.

Carlson Listen-Listen uses an internet connection between the base and rover instead of the UHF radios. The Base uses the Cellular SIM card and the Rover can use any internet connection method. Fixed or static IP address SIMs are not required.  In addition, multiple rovers can simultaneously connect to a single base using Listen-Listen.

About Carlson Listen-Listen:

  • Carlson Listen-Listen is a unique cloud based low latency service
  • Available to Carlson SurvCE/PC customers using a Carlson BRx6 or BRx7 or RTk5 GNSS receiver as a base station
  • They are hosted through Amazon Web Services for unlimited processing power, speed and bandwidth
  • The system eliminates base line length restrictions encountered when using UHF radios
  • Carlson Listen-Listen supports single base with multiple simultaneous rover connections AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Listen-Listen NTRIP service now available for Drone operation!

Same concept as above but with NTRIP front end for compatibility with Drones allowing you to use your Carlson BRx6 or BRx7 or RTk5 Base for RTK operation.

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Carlson Listen-Listen

  • New subscription for basic Listen-Listen $500/yr.
  • Renewal basic Listen-Listen for $450/yr.
  • NTRIP version (for drones) $750.00 for 1-Year subscription
  • NTRIP subscription renewal $700.00/yr.
  • Applicable taxes may be added

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