Carlson BRx7 Flexible antenna coupler

A CSS Exclusive!

Now that GPS (the Carlson BRx7) works in the woods users are breaking off the radio antennas faster than we can get them!

Made exclusively for CSS this Flexible Antenna Coupler installs between the BRx7 and the Radio antenna. It provides flexibility when the antenna is forced to one side or the other. When forcing the receiver through branches the radio antenna would normally get caught and break off.

While not a 100% break-proof solution this coupler will allow for some flexing to help protect the antenna. 

The continued flexing and stressing of this coupler will eventually fatigue the material and cause failure.
The intent is to REDUCE the number of antennas that are broken and thereby reducing loss of work.

! This Exclusive product is only available to our customers who purchase their BRx7 from us.


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Flexible coupler will work with any GPS receiver where the Antenna mounts beneath the receiver and has
a RFT (TNC) connection.

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