Still hanging on to your old obsolete GPS? Why not Trade it in now why it still has value?

Modernization of the U.S. GPS system is bringing about changes like new signals and processing techniques that we are only begining to see with the Canopy Performance of the Carlson BRx7. Unfortunately as these new signal replace old ones older GPS receivers are being rendered obsolete. How will you know if you are affected? If your Receiver is “seeing” less Satellites every year instead of more then you are experiencing “signal obsolescence”.

Discontinuation of Codeless and Semi-Codeless GPS Access ( )
“The USG commits to maintaining the existing GPS L1 C/A, L1 P(Y), L2C, and L2 P(Y) signal characteristics that enable codeless and semi-codeless GPS access until at least two years after there are 24 operational satellites broadcasting L5 with fully functional navigation messages. Barring a national security requirement, the USG does not intend to change these signal characteristics before then. The availability of 24 satellites broadcasting the L5 signal is estimated to occur in 2027…” click link above to see the rest.

The estimated 2027 deadline was extended before the original deadline of December 31, 2020 passed. If the 2027 deadline holds then you are on notice that your older GPS has less than 3 years before it is completely worthless.

Still thinking of hanging on the oldie but goodie? Scroll down to find accessories to help you keep it running. Having second thoughts about spending any more money on that oldie? Contact us for a Trade-in value while it still has some.

CSS GPS Trade-in chain

Carlson GPS Accessories

Carlson Survey Supply is the leading supplier of Carlson GPS accessories. We STOCK the accessories that you need to keep your crews working. Most dealers are happy to sell you Equipment but leave you hanging when you need simple support accessories, NOT CSS!

Find your parts and accessories by model using the parts diagrams below.
Click on the corresponding item in the list below the diagram. We are adding new items more often than we can update the Diagram so scan the List for accessories that you do not see in the picture.

For universal accessories see the bottom of the page. (always changing)

RT5 / RTk5 Accessories

! PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT convert the RT5 Tablet to an RTk5 GNSS Tablet by adding any of the following accessories.

1. RT5 Battery
2. RT5 120VAC charger
3. RT5 Office Docking Station
4. RT5 External Battery Charger
5. Pole Mount Accessories
6. RT5 / RTk5 Cradle
7. Not available yet
8. RTk5 Helix GNSS Antenna
9. RTk5 Survey GNSS RTK antenna w/cable
10. RTk5 2M 2-piece Carbon Fiber Pole (RTk5 only)
11. RT5 Screen Protector
12. Tripod Mount adapter (see item #9 in RT4 section below)

BRx7 Accessories

1. Battery
2. Charging Tray
3. 120VAC charger
4. 12VDC Cigarette plug charger
5. 12VDC Power Cable w/Battery clips
SD Memory Card (not shown) Not Available
6. Data and Power Cable
7. Data Cable Serial
8. H.I adapter
9. Quick Release H.I. Adapter
10. Antenna Bracket
10b. Antenna Bracket Patch Cable
11. 900MHz Antenna
12. UHF Antenna 440-470MHz
12a. UHF Antenna (aftermarket)
12b. Flexible Coupler for UHF antenna
13. UHF Antenna Extension
14. Battery Doors A & B
15. External Battery Kit for Base Station
16. SIM card cover plate
17. Directional UHF Antenna (not shown)
18. 3M UHF Antenna Extension Cable
19. Carry case for BRx7 Single receiver (not shown)

BRx6(+) Accessories

Carlson BRx6(+) (Hemisphere S321) was discontinued mid 2021.
Accessories may be available for a couple more years.

1. Battery
2. Charging Tray
3. 120VAC charger
4. 12VDC Cigarette plug charger
5. Tilt Calibration Bracket (no longer avail)
6. 12VDC Power Cable w/Battery clips
SD Memory Card (not shown) Not Available
7. Data Cable Serial
8. Quick Release H.I. Adapter
9. RFS to RFT antenna adapter
10. UHF antenna w/ Small RFS connector QT-400 (screws on BRx6)
10a. GPRS Cellular Antenna w/Small RFS connector QT0822D-S (screws on BRx6)
11. Antenna Bracket
12. Antenna Bracket Patch cable
13. UHF Antenna 403-440MHz (not avail in the U.S.)
14. UHF Antenna 440-470MHz (OEM) no longer avail)
14a. UHF Antenna (aftermarket) (screws on antenna bracket)
14b. Flexible Coupler & converter for Radio antenna
15. External Battery Kit for Base Station
16. Directional UHF Antenna (not shown)
17. 3M UHF Antenna Extension Cable

Battery door is NOT AVAILABLE. If we have them they will be listed here.

BRx5 Accessories (limited supply)

The Carlson BRx5 (Hemisphere S320) has been discontinued for some time now. Factory OEM parts are in short supply. We stock aftermarket parts to help keep you running.

1. Battery
2. Charging Tray
3. 120VAC charger (no longer available)
4. 12VDC Cigarette plug charger (no longer available)
5. 12VDC Power Cable w/Battery clips
6. SD Memory Card Not Available
7. Data Cable Serial
9. Antenna Bracket (OEM no longer available. Use BRx7 bracket)
9a. Antenna Bracket Patch Cable (not shown)
10. UHF Antenna
10a. UHF Antenna (aftermarket)
11. Directional UHF Antenna (not shown)
12. 3M UHF Antenna Extension Cable

Universal GPS parts and accessories

The following parts and accessories will work with most Brands / Models of receivers.

Radio Range Options

Land based radio communication range can be limited by a number of factors including, but not limited to:
– Terrain: hills and other land masses
– Obstructions: buildings and dense growth
– Interference: Radio and other Electro-Magnet sources including in-band, off-band and harmonic frequencies.

You have limited tools at your disposal to overcome these limiting factors:
– Raising the antennas at both ends
– Increasing transmitter power
– Finding a clear “channel” or frequency

We offer the following accessories to help you get the best range/performance from your GPS UHF Radios.

  1. Base Radio Antenna Extension cable. Raising the Base Radio antenna improves range and reliability at greater distance from the base.
  2. Long Range UHF Antenna. Designed and tuned specifically for use in the UHF band (450-470MHz). The 32” long Omni Directional whip is rated for 5dbi gain. Our test results showed a gain of: +15% in Range, +28% in area.
  3. Directional Base Radio Antenna. Focuses most of the Radio power in one direction. This can be helpful on long linear projects like Utility Surveys.
  4. Radio Interference Scanner. Detect radio interference and find a clear frequency without wasting valuable time.
  5. 1 Watt Radio Repeater kit. Extends your range up to 1.5 miles* by re-broadcasting the signal it receives from the base. *Range is still dependent upon terrain and conditions.
  6. 35 Watt External Radio kit. This kit can extend range between Base and Rover up to 20 miles depending upon terrain and conditions.
    FCC License is REQUIRED to operate this radio.
    6a. Satel Data-Power cable for Easy Pro 35 Watt Radio & BRx6 & BRx7 (not shown)
  7. Cellular communication. When local radio interference limits your performance, Carlson Listen-Listen service can help. This works by connecting the Base and Rover to the internet. AT&T SIM card data plan required for Base AND any internet connection method for the Rover (NOT included). Operation is limited by Cellular availability and RTK base line length limitations (approx. 50km). Perfect for use with RTK Drone.   Cellular fees, not included.